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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 6 months ago

Welcome to the definitive web 2.0 directory. I say definitive as although it is not a complete list, I hope that anyone who uses this list and finds any sites that they know of missing will add them and thus help future people using this list.


Catagories, fairly arbitrary groupings, feel free to change them if you can think of a better way of grouping.


Blogging: Blogging and everything to do with it.

Bookmarking: Sites that allow you to do bookmarking online.

Business: Business services/software including advertising, hosting, etc

Calendars: Online calendar services including reminders, planners etc

Cataloging: Sites allowing users to list and share books, CDs, DVDs, movies etc

Chat: Services for online chat

Collaboration: Services allowing multiple users to group and collaborate/share including blogging, bookmarking, tasks, to-do etc

Community: Shared community building services

Designing: Color coordination and design services etc

eCommerce: Sites that are selling things, assisting in buying/selling or providing ecommerce solutions etc

Email: Email service providers including voice mail via email etc

Employment: Jobs, gigs, projects, long/short-term etc

Filtering: Services that content filter info/news/feeds; allow users to choose content etc

Financial: Sites dealing with personal finances / money / networth etc

Frameworks: Platforms / frameworks to run other software solutions etc

Games: Games related

Geotracking: Tracking users by IP / location

Grassroots: Social community grassroots projects; local people helping other people etc

Mapping: Service using maps (mostly Google Maps)

Mashups: Sites mixing up services like amazon, blogger, del.icio.us, flickr etc

Mobile: Services for users with mobile phones.

Music: Creating, discovering, searching, sharing, storing etc for music

Networking: Services allowing users to connect to other users; creating social networks.

Non-profits: Services related to non-profit organizations.

Office: Services oriented towards replacing Office suite applications

Peer: Services where users rank, comment, collaborate on presented information

Photographs: Services to edit, manage, print, share, store images/photographs

Podcasts: Services to create, host, manage, search podcasts.

Polls: Polling / surveying services.

Programming: Coding, demos, proof-of-concept, program snippet sharing sites

Project Management: Services to assist in large project execution

Publishing: Books / printing / on-demand publishing etc

RSS: Atom/RSS feed aggregation, creation, online reading, management services

Search: Search engines/services for text/music/podcasts/videos/with user inputs etc

Start Pages: Totally customizable personalized starting pages

Storage: Online file storage and transfer services

Streaming: Online media/music/video streaming services

Tech Support: Help desk / ticketing software/services.

Travel: Travel/hotel information planning/sharing; ticket booking etc

Videos: Creating, discovering, searching, sharing, storing etc for videos

Web analytics: Blog/site traffic measurement/status reporting services etc

Wi-Fi: Wireless info/sharing services

Wiki: Online group information editing

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